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Padre Coffee

El Tucan Organic Decaf Coffee


Looking for a delicious decaf to add to your daily ritual? Look no further! This exquisite decaf coffee creates a sweet and balanced cup. Intense chocolate and caramel flavours, with hints of brown sugar, soft orange acidity and big creamy body. The coffee beans are grown in Chiapas, Mexico at an altitude of 1100-1600 meters above sea level.

The state of Chiapas has Mexico’s largest and oldest coffee producing regions - some farms can look back on a history record of more than a hundred years. The region is surrounded by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and divided into various microclimates thanks to the lush mountain slopes of the Sierra Madre Chiapas. This decaf coffee is decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process, and is definitely one of our favourite decaf coffees here at Tasty Decafs.


About the Roaster

Padre Coffee

Brunswick East, VIC

Padre Coffee was born in Brunswick East back in late 2007/early 2008. Padre Coffee started small, roasting, brewing and selling all of their coffee under the one roof in the heart of the community; making friends, having fun and learning as they went. Their Victorian HQ and roastery is still in Brunswick East, and a lot of their first customers are as well – in fact, Padre Coffee are proud to say that it’s thanks to the support of loyal, coffee-loving locals that they've grown up to be the company they are today. Padre Coffe now have two beautiful stores selling coffee beans and brews in Melbourne as well as a stunning roastery-cafe now open in Noosa. After years refining the process while roasting for themselves, the Padre family has also grown to include a handful of special cafes & venues in Victoria and Queensland. At the same time, not much has changed. Padre is still a small, owner-run business that prides itself on exceptional products and outstanding service. They simply love making coffee!

Natural Decaf Coffee

Mountain Water

El Tucan Organic Decaf Coffee by Padre Coffee is a natural Mountain Water Decaf. The Mountain Water Decaf process is an all natural decaffeination method that bears some similarities with the Swiss Water Process. First, green coffee beans, which are packed with caffeine, are soaked in the crystal clear waters of Mexico's highest mountain, Pico de Orizaba. This removes most of the caffeine from the beans. The water is then put through an elaborate filtration system to clear away 99% of the caffeine from the liquid, whilst retaining all the flavours and aromas. The beans are then soaked in the liquid to infuse the flavours back into the beans. Finally the beans are dried, packaged, and shipped to roasters who apply their own unique roasting methods to create their delicious distinctive flavours.

Shipped Fresh to You

Fresh out of the roaster, expertly packaged and ready to brew. Your delicious decaf coffee will be shipped fresh to you using Australia Post or Sendle, depending on your location. Enjoy flavourful, full-bodied decaffeinated coffee with all its health benefits, sans jitters.


  • How can I get free shipping?

    We agree, free shipping rocks! Simply add two or more bags of coffee to your cart and free shipping will be applied to your entire order 🙂

  • What does natural decaffeination mean?

    Natural decaffeination means that the caffeine in a coffee has been removed using all natural processes. The leading natural decaffeination processes currently being used are Swiss Water® Process, Mountain Water Process, Sugarcane Process, and CO2 Process. All our decaf coffees are naturally decaffeinated 😃

  • How long does roasted decaf coffee last?

    An unopened bag of roasted decaf coffee beans can last for up to 2-3 months, less if the beans have been pre-ground for you. The ideal time to enjoy your roasted decaf coffee is 7-21 days after the roast date, as roasted beans experience a 'degassing' phase after they has been roasted, during which time carbon dioxide is naturally released from the beans.

    The one-way valve that is common in most coffee packaging allows carbon dioxide to be released from the bag, while preventing oxygen and moisture from entering it. Once the degassing phase ends the beans begin absorbing oxygen. This process causes a slow and gradual decline in freshness and aroma.

    Personal taste and storage methods will also affect the freshness of decaf coffee beans. Coffee should be stored in an airtight bag or container, out of direct sunlight, in a cool dry area. 

  • How much caffeine is in decaf coffee?

    The amount of residual caffeine in decaf coffee depends on the process that was used to decaffeinate the green coffee beans. We have found that the Swiss Water® Process and Mountain Water Process result in a 99% caffeine free coffee, while the Sugarcane Process and CO2 Process result in a 97% caffeine free coffee.

  • When are orders dispatched?

    Our decaf coffee roasters send coffee directly from their roasting facility to your home to guarantee freshness. This means that when your order contains decaf coffees from different roasters as part of the same order, each will ship separately. You will receive an email with tracking numbers once orders are dispatched.
    It's important to keep in mind that roasters have individual roasting schedules and most do not roast over the weekend. Orders are typically dispatched 24-48 hours after roasting.All orders are sent via Australia Post or Sendle, depending on your location and the roaster's preferred delivery service.

    It's important to keep in mind that roasters have individual roasting schedules and most do not roast over the weekend. Orders are typically dispatched a day or two after roasting to give the beans some time to degas.

    All orders are sent via Australia Post or Sendle, depending on your location and the roaster's preferred delivery service.

  • Is decaf coffee safe for pregnant women?

    Current Australian Guidelines indicate that "Pregnant or breastfeeding women and children should restrict their caffeine intake."

    All decaf coffees on Tasty Decafs have all been decaffeinated using natural decaffeination processes, free of chemicals and additives, and are 97-99% caffeine free.

    Please note this information is not medical advice, and for advice on your specific needs you should always consult your medical practitioner.